Benefits Of Bay Leaves

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 - Plants

Benefits Of Bay Leaves : Be Healthier with Bay Leaves – Bay leaf is often used as food ingredient which can be helped to improve the taste of your food. That is why many people like to use it when they have to cook special meals. Actually, the use of bay leaf had been known since Ancient Greek and Roman era. This leaf is known as the symbol of wisdom, protection, and also peace. Until know, bay leaves are still known as spice which can be used for multiple purposes. There is also health Benefits Of Bay Leaves that you might not know.

1. Antioxidant and Immune Booster

The first of all, this leaf is known to have many kinds of nutrient contained such as minerals and vitamins. These kinds of compound will be a great help for optimum health. That is why you should have it on your meals. Besides, the leaf also has many other compounds which are good for antiseptic. That is why it will be highly recommended to use this leaf to cover your minor wound. Bay leaves also contains vitamin C. This vitamin C will be the best weapon that you can use to combat free radical from the UV light. Besides, the ascorbic acid which is also contained in this leaf can also be used to boost your body immune. Therefore, you cannot easily get sick or infected by disease.Benefits Of Bay Leaves

2. Improve Your Eye and Support Cell Production

You also need to know that Bay leaves also have vitamin A contained in it. Vitamin A is known to be the best vitamin which can improve eyesight. It is also good to be used for natural antioxidant. It is not stopped there; vitamin A contained in Bay leaves will help you to protect your lung and oral cavity from cancer. Therefore, it is obvious that consumption of Bay leaves is highly recommended for those who want to be healthy.

It is a good thing that Bay leaves have potassium contained in it. Once you hear the name, it might remind you of potato. However, it is not. Potassium is a good nutrient which can help to control heart rate and also blood pressure. You also need to consume bay leaves if you want to produce more red blood cells since this leaf also contains Iron. Make sure that you remember the benefits of this leaf so you will be able to watch and improve your health. Broke it and then add to your dish so it will smell sweet and tasty.[pm]

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