Benefits of Soursop Leaves

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Benefits of Soursop LeavesSoursop is a yellow-green fruit which is mostly cultivated in the Africa, South Asia and South America. It belongs to tropical fruit which comes from genus Annona. The soursop tree has slender low branches, and it has yellow flowers as well as fruits which grow anywhere on its trunks and branches. The soursop fruit contains a lot of nutrition which is highly significant for people’ healthy. The beneficial part of this tree is not only comes from its fruits, but also comes from its leaves. The Benefits of Soursop Leaves are truly existed. The Soursop Leaves are smooth, glossy, dark green on the surface but lighter on the below surface. The leaves width is approximately 2.5 to 6.25 centimetres or 1 to 2 ½ inches, and its length is about 6.25 to 20 centimetres or 2 ½ to 8 inches.

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Soursop Leaves are the most outstanding advantageous part of the soursop tree. Its leaves contain some compounds like protein, calcium, fructose, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B and many more. According to the National Cancer Institute, the Benefits of Soursop Leaves are indentified as a great medicine for those who want to free from cancer. The soursop leaves can attack effectively cancer cells. Moreover, its leaves have several beneficial points for other diseases and even for the treatments for your skin and hair.

The Benefits of Soursop Leaves are good to cure back pain, uric acid, diabetes, and rheumatism. These dreadful diseases are very dangerous if they are not solved by a good medicine, and the good medicine which does not bring side effect comes from nature. The natural medicine is well known as herbal. Thus, Soursop Leaves are a kind of multifunction herbal since they can help to cure several diseases. As mentioned above, the soursop leaves can used to treat not only dangerous diseases, but also problems with skin and hair. To create an effective medicine from Soursop leaves, you can take several old dark green soursop leaves and wash them. Then you can boil them with two or three cups of water until one cup of water remains. The Soursop Leaves bring some Benefits for your health concerning to skin and hair. Some treatments using soursop leaves are effective to cure small annoying disease like ulcer and eczema. Then, the leaves also can help to solve some hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, split ends and others. Then, the treatments for skin can be done by making a pulp which is s combination of fresh soursop leaves and water, while for hair treatment can be done by processing soursop leaves decoction and applying it on your hair.[pm]


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