Incredible Betel Leaf Benefits You Never Know

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Incredible Betel Leaf Benefits You Never Know – The plant has branches swollen nodes. This plant has shine alternative, heart-shaped, smooth, and leaves a long pursuit, with a pointed apex. It has basically suffered ribs 5-7. Betel leaves were used from antiquity as aromatic stimulant. This is useful in capturing the secretion or bleeding and aphrodisiac. The leaves are used in some common household medicines.

Betel is a citizen from central and eastern Malaysia. It spreads very early throughout tropical Asia, and then to Madagascar and East Africa. Betel contains same content antiseptic and phenol in five times more effective than phenol. In addition, the content of the betel leaves cure various kinds of diseases that are beneficial to our health. This is often found betel in the market.

Betel is known with the function of prevention of the disease. As a physiotherapist, it has a lot of jobs to women’s problems in the first place. Currently, there are many products that use of betel as a formula. As Indonesia natural herbal, Betel Leaf Benefits has many benefits cure the disease or prevent our bodies from bacteria. You can make your own potions from home. Betel leaves are also easily in Indonesia. Usually, people plant betel village pharmacy lives.

Betel Leaf Benefits

  1. Nose bleeds. Usually you found on the issue as a problem in children. Some people experience nosebleeds when they were still children. Here, it can be considered benefits of betel nut of stop function. Just take the fresh betel and overthrown. Engage in a bloody nose. It takes about 30 minutes to stop the blood.
  1. Cough. Other Betel Leaf Benefits shows through its functions to treat coughs. This is to ensure that the cough is very troublesome because they can inhibit the activity of the United States. It can be cured using the leaves of betel, the problem of coughing. Take 2 grams of betel leaves, cardamom 110 ml of water. To make all these ingredients and brewing of punctuation. Drink one glass daily. And your cough will disappear in 7 days.
  1. The problem of sore mouth. This is a problem which is most moving in health status. In addition, compromising appearance, mouth ulcer problem also makes the mouth dry throughout the day. This can make us no confidence when talking with others. Here can help betel healed by taking 2 pieces of betel, 110 ml of water and mix. Use water to rinse out betel leaves per day.
  1. To prevent bad breath. Similar to sore mouth, mouth odors can interfere with performance. To prevent this, take 3 grams of Betel Leaf Benefits and offers 110 ml of water. Use it to gargle twice daily and you’ll have a fresh mouth throughout the day.
  1. Malaria. This is a serious disease that could be patients died if they don’t have an appropriate treatment. It can be treated using the betel leaf tea. Take 20 sheets of 20 pieces of betel leaf, acid leaves a bunch of leaves, 20, and 2 pot of water. Boil all ingredients and you can drink.

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