Curcumin Cancer

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 - Plants

Curcumin Cancer Curcumin is an active ingredient which is the form of polyphenol. Curcumin is a compound which comes from spice turmeric. Turmeric is an Indian plant which belongs to the part of ginger family. Turmeric is commonly used for stimulation, flavouring and to add a bright yellow colour to food. This spice has been widely used for thousands years by Chinese medicine. Curcumin which is existed in the turmeric can help to cure a chronic inflammation. Moreover, turmeric is usually consumed by people as a spice in the meal, yet in a country like Indonesia, turmeric is processed not only as a spice, but also as a refreshing juice. The Curcumin compounds are really good for those who have some dangerous diseases such as Cancer.The Secret For How To Plant Turmeric Root

According to the Life Extension Foundation’s release, the researchers told that there are ten points which are involved in cancer development. They are including chronic inflammation, DNA damage and interruption to the regular flow of cell which signs pathways. Thus, Curcumin and Cancer are rivals which battle in our body. The curcumin supplementation has been proved to attack and destroy Cancer cell mitochondria. It technically disturbs the cancer cell cycle and holds the stem cell development which helps bring about further cancer cell formation. Based on some other researches, Curcumin can be a natural killer for cells especially Cancer cells. Moreover, it decreases inflammatory prostaglandins which boost Cancer cells’ growth. There also exists a research which claimed that Curcumin can stimulate apoptosis towards triple negative breast Cancer cells. These Cancer cells are types of Cancer which need conventional chemotherapy as well as radiation.

The researches mentioned above reveal that it is highly necessary to consume high-dose Curcumin for those who have a frightening disease such as Cancer. Some studies which involve human patients who have Cancer showed that 3.6 grams of Curcumin for daily had much more positive effect. Since Curcumin can control tumor suppressor pathways as well as triggers mitochondria-mediated death, it is very beneficial to maintain the healing process. Curcumin also has a great role to shut down the ability of cancer cells to form new blood vessels for blood supply, and this ability is called anti-angiogenic. There are two ways for an effective Curcumin absorption; you can combine the turmeric with some good fats just like coconut oil, milk and olive oil. Then, you will need to add a bit of black pepper to the piperine molecule, or you can choose organic acid fermented turmeric which definitely has a high absorption rate over other materials.[pm]

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