Getting Healthy with Tomatoes

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 - Fruit

Getting Healthy with Tomatoes Who does not know tomato? This berry and red fruit has been dominated the world and originated from South American Andes. After thousand years of cultivation, there are so many different varieties of tomatoes and some botanists believed that each country has its own tomato variety. The reason why there are so many varieties of tomatoes is because many commercial tomato plantations are seeking for the ultimate variety of tomato which can provide abundant harvest and resistant to pests. Since you can find tomatoes in any dishes in different countries, what are the health benefits of tomatoes? Discussing the benefits or the advantages of consuming and eating tomatoes whether it is raw or cooked means you have to be ready to accept some facts that might not suitable for your lifestyle.The Power of Tomato Juice

Consuming tomatoes is pretty much depending on each personal lifestyle because different people have their own lifestyle although most people believed that there are so many good substances like vitamins and minerals contained in tomatoes and they are doing nothing but good to our body. Whether you follow certain food lifestyle like raw food, tomatoes are able to give their best nutrition when you eat them raw. No matter what colors of the tomatoes, the more colorful tomatoes that you eat, the more nutrition that you can get. The Japanese and Korean have very wise and reasonable food philosophy: make sure that your meal or dish has three important colors: red, green, and yellow; because the more colorful your food, the more vitamins and minerals you get. In general, no matter what variety of tomatoes that you eat, tomatoes contain carotene lycopene and it is scientifically proven to be one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.

In some scientific studies, the researchers found out that lycopene which found on fully ripe tomatoes have the ability to prevent prostate cancer. This berry colorful fruits do not stop there because the cosmetic industries are also giving scientific proof that the lycopene in tomatoes is improving the skin’s ability in protecting against harmful UV rays and the research was done by universities at Manchester and Newcastle where tomatoes can protect against sunburn and helping the skin to look youthful. Other vitamins that tomatoes have to offer you are vitamin C, vitamin A which is 40 times higher than other veggies and fruits, and other oxidants. If you do not like tomatoes in raw, you do not expose or cook them in direct heat for too long because you can lose all the important nutrients.[pm]

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