How to Grow Soursop

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 - Plants

How to Grow Soursop What do you know about soursop? Not many people in US and European continent do not understand the benefits and advantages of this fruit because the native Americans and the native Europeans might not know how to grow this fruit. Here is the short description and explanation on what the soursop is and every important detail about this magical fruit. The soursop is originated from Mexico, Cuba, Central America, Caribbean, northern part of South America, some parts of Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Venezuela. So, how to grow soursop? Well, although it is a bit complicated, if you live in four seasonal countries or continents, you need to know that the soursop has been adapted to live in areas with high humidity and relatively warm winters. If the temperatures are lower than 5oC or 41oF, it can damage the leaves and the small branches and it can get worst when the temperatures is lower than 3oC or 37oC as the fruits can become dry and definitely inedible.Guyabano Leaves Side Effect

There are two ways for you to grow or cultivate the soursop not matter what the purpose is whether it is for personal consumption or for commercial production. The first method in growing the soursop is by using the seeds and although it takes a lot of time, the results are guarantee to make you satisfied because the genetically modified soursop might reduce the advantages of this fruit. If you can’t stand the time in growing soursop with seedling, you can plant the soursop fruits by using the cutting methods. It is not difficult to grow soursop if you have the time and determine to do it because there are so many online guides on this subject or you can buy the planting book and follow the available steps. One thing that you need to know and make sure is the temperature where you are going to plant the soursop.

The soursop is ready as commercial herbal plant when it reaches 20-30 cm or 7.9-11.8 inch long. The soursop fruit is very easy to recognize as it has green color and prickly skin and it can weigh as heavy as 15lb or 6.8kg. In US, the cultivation area for commercial soursop are covering as far north as southern Florida within the USDA Zone 10, and unfortunately, the soursop fruits on this cultivation area are intended for local consumption and not for commercial productions or exporting purpose.[pm]

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