Knowing The Health Benefits of Bananas

Monday, January 18th, 2016 - Fruit

Knowing The Health Benefits of Bananas Everyone must know banana. They are delicious fruit and provide a lot of nutrition. Banana is not the monopoly of monkey, but for the people who know the health benefits of bananas, they certainly will try to at least eat it regularly. If you discover the benefits of this fruit you will never see it in the same way. For brief, banana can make you smarter, heal depression, protect against sickness like diabetes, osteoporosis, even blindness. Banana is really good to be consumed by pregnant women in order to help the growth of the child because it has much nutrition. This article will tell you the benefit of this fruit so that you will be ensured that banana is important for human life.Knowing The Health Benefits of Bananas

Banana is rich of vitamin and fiber. It has two time carbohydrate and five time vitamin A than apple. Beside banana is also rich of potassium. It is able to cure gastritis. I will mention some of the health benefit of bananas. This fruit is apparently help to overcome depression because of its high level tryptophan that is converted in brain into serotonin that helps you to have happy mood. If you eat two bananas before workout you can have more energy and sustain the blood sugar in the same time. For the women the banana can also reduce PMS symptoms and improve your mood. While at it the benefit of banana is not stopped. It can strengthened the blood and relieve anemia with iron from banana.

Banana also helps the digestion system. Because of the rich pectin in bananas, it can help to excrete the toxins and heavy metals from body. It also served as prebiotic stimulation for the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel. The banana also produces an enzyme that assist for absorbing nutrients so that the banana eaters are able to have more nutrition in their body. The high fiber in banana also helps the people who suffer from constipation by normalize the bowel motility. As the natural curing food, banana is also help to prevent cancer like kidney cancer. It helps to control blood sugar so that the people who suffer from diabetes can change their need of sugar from banana. Banana is also help people who want to quit smoking by providing high levels of vitamins B, potassium and magnesium in order to increase the recovery rate. There are a lot of others health benefit of bananas. However the conclusion from this article is that banana is very useful for your health. [pm]

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