The Secret For How To Plant Turmeric Root

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 - Plants

The Secret For How To Plant Turmeric Root – Turmeric is one of the traditional herbs that are used as medicine. Turmeric is same family as ginger. It can grow as high as 1 meter. Turmeric is found in the tropical area such as Asia countries and also used as kitchen spices for curry. Turmeric is also a natural dye which is really safe to be used for human because it has no chemical material that is harmed. Besides its benefit as kitchen spices, turmeric is also able to cure some diseases. It can serve as a cure for inflammation and cancer treatment. It is also really easy to be grown so that people can take its benefit. This article will describe how to plant turmeric root. Follow carefully the stop for growing this herbal plant.

Turmeric needs 8 to 10 months to fully grown. Be careful that turmeric root does not do well in the temperature below 65o F. The optimal temperature is about 19-30oC. So watch out before you start to grow it. You can take this plant on greenhouse for growing it. The best growth rate for turmeric root can be achieved if your region has rain intensity about 1000 to 4000 mm a year. But however you can trick it with watering it often. Be careful in watering the turmeric root because the soil should not be too soggy. The turmeric root growth will be disturbed if that happens. For the soil, you apparently do not need to apply fertilizer in order to grow turmeric root. But you should supervise it. If the growth is slow you can add fertilizer to increase the growth rate. If you think that how to plant turmeric root is difficult; do not worry because there are always trick for it.The Secret For How To Plant Turmeric Root

After waiting for around eight month you can start to harvest the turmeric root. You can eat the stems and leaves but however most of people just need its root. Harvest it when the root matures all at once. To harvest the turmeric root, dig the rhizomes and leave a few pieces to plant for the next season. Tips for harvesting turmeric root is that you can use gloves when peel the turmeric root. It is because the root can make your hands yellow due to its natural dye. Boil turmeric for around 45 minutes, peel it and dry for a week. Store it in a cool, dark place until use. So that is all the secret for how to plant turmeric root.[pm]

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